“Social” Phones….what’s going on?

We all remember seeing our first mobile phone, maybe it was in a movie?

But do we all remember when maybe we bought our first cell phone? And perhaps the rationale was that it was for “emergency” use?

Well, we all have come a long way, the latest phones being introduced are a far cry from the hefty two-handed jobs of the first mobile devices and their purpose is now also a far cry from an emergency. The latest phones being marketed by the big purveyors of such devices are designed to make it easier not to make a call but rather to post your latest updates to the web to social media sites or to upload videos and photos to those sites.

Microsoft will be entering the fray with its KIN phones, taking the marketplace battle to the Google backed Android software. Nokia has a few such phones coming out as well such as the C3.

What is this all about? In my view, one word: CONVERGENCE. Convergence of media, convergence of communications. This is to cellphones what VOICE is to your computer desktop. Going forward, maybe not immediately, the concept of the desktop phone will be going away. Instead, VOICE communication (what we used to call a phone call) will be just another application on your computer, just like spreadsheets and word processing. Because, look at it, on your cell phone, VOICE is already just another application. And look at what we call these things now. First they were Mobile Phones, then Cellular Phones, then Cell Phones, then SmartPhones and now just Mobile Devices.

If you are as old as me you may remember Dick Tracy cartoons in your paper, especially on Sunday. Crimefighter Dick Tracy wore what was called a TWO WAY WRIST TV on his left hand, we are very close to that!

If you would like to learn more about this, go to THIS recent article.

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