What Sockit2me is listening to today

Warren Zevon; when I hear his music on the radio or my playlist, I have a very similar reaction to when Goodfellas comes on the TV….I can’t stop listening to Zevon or watching Goodfellas!

Goodfellas: I just want to yell KAAAAAREN!!!!!

Zevon: I just want to start singing the praises of Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner!!!!

Anyway, ACCIDENTLY LIKE A MARTYR just came up on the ITUNES playing on my pc. What a tune! I know that heartache, luckily it is in the past.

HERE is another version done by Warren later, which is great!

Zevon was a great artist, who we lost at far too young an age (56) in 2003. He wrote all sorts of songs for all sorts of artists.

Many people might know Warren Zevon from his numerous fill-in roles as the leader of the Late Show Orchestra when Paul Shaffer was not around.

If you want to enjoy a tremendous self tribute, listen to THE WIND which was, I believe his final album. The making of it includes a great documentary of his collaboration with a number of iconic artists.

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