Experts I know

At Schooley Mitchell we say “We Are the Telecom Experts” and that is true. I also know a host of other experts that can help you and your business. I would like you to get to know some of them.

• ARTS & CULTURE! We all need more of it!!! I know someone who knows all about it….. and can help arts and culture venture and all sorts of other businesses with premium research, writing, and creative services. Her name is Melissa Totten. You should check out some of her clients on She has worked with everyone!…from James Michener to Ry Cooder to Frank Gehry! On top of that Melissa is also known for her Los Angeles Emmy Awards for PBS arts documentaries. For over 25 years M+Co has provided historical research, position papers, press releases and editorial services to the media industry. This fantastic firm can handle it all, photographic stills and footage research, project requests from media artists and creative executives – from authors to designers, gallerists and musicians. Reach out for Melissa either through her website. or via email or 508-231-0860

• I know Melissa and a host of experts in numerous fields, if you need some advice or help, chances are I know a good person with whom you should talk. Please reach out to me at anytime!

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