Alice’s Restaurant Massacree …..this week’s newsletter highlight!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy this week’s newsletter, stuffed with lots of Thanksgiving ideas, recipes and information.

This newsletter is intended to share some information and to generate some thoughts and maybe a laugh or a smile. I hope you enjoy. I cover some very top line telecommunications industry information but more fun and more valuable might be the other things noted. If you find no fun or no value, just let me know and I will happily remove your name from the list. No harm, no foul!

I would love to help your organization REDUCE EXPENSES in tele- and data- communications at no risk! Please reach out to me when you can. Information on how to contact me is below.


– The 10 Businesses that the Smartphone has destroyed:

1. PDAs
2. Flip Video Cameras
3. MP3 Players
4. Digital Cameras
5. Hand Held Video Games
6. GPS
7. PCs
8. Regular Cell Phones
9. Watches
10. Remote Controls

– See item five above? Doubtful? Check this out!
What every geek wants for Christmas!
– Which is worst for teens? TV, Texting or Facebook?

Some Thanksgiving humor :
• What did the mama turkey say to her naughty son?
If your papa could see you now, he’d turn over in his gravy!
• What did the turkeys sing on Thanksgiving Day?
Answer- God save the kin.
• Why can’t you take a turkey to church?
Because they use such FOWL language
• How did the Mayflower show that it liked America?
It hugged the shore


– Think Harry Potter is an amazing phenomenon? Why not harness the same fundamentals in your business. Much more here, but the keys are:
1. a good product
2. emotional involvement
3. word of mouth marketing and online buzz
4. tease and perpetual marketing
5. brand consistency and restraint.

Thanksgiving tips for business owners:

– Have you read the top six business books recommended for 2010? You have just over a month to go. Start here!


– At Schooley Mitchell we say “We Are the Telecom Experts” and that is true. I also know a host of other experts that can help you and your business. If you are looking for services of any kind, be it personal or business, please feel free to connect with me because I know a lot of professionals in many areas who can help you.

– Typically I suggest someone you should know in this space, but given that it is Thanksgiving week, I took a powder


– While this is not a reference to an actual date in rock and roll history, since it is Thanksgiving, this is the most appropriate rock and roll Thanksgiving reference I can come up with. Alice’s Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie, still a classic. I wish I had a red VW microbus!


Thanksgiving recipes for Dummies!
– Top 20 Pumpkin Pie Recipes
– Thanksgiving Stuffing 101
– If all else fails, there is always 1-800-Butterball
Does eating Turkey really make you sleepy?
What wine to serve with turkey?
– Thanksgiving leftover recipes! Check them out here!


– Pez and Puppies! How can you miss? Pez for Pets! What a great idea!

– The Pez of the week is this latest gift set that I hope finds its way under my Christmas tree this season!


– hyperbole
Definition: (noun) A figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect, as in I could sleep for a year or This book weighs a ton.
Synonyms: exaggeration
Usage: The debate was carried on with increasing rhetorical hyperbole.
– bonus word of the week: – STUFFED
–verb (used with object)

• to fill (a receptacle), esp. by packing the contents closely together; cram full.

• to fill (an aperture, cavity, etc.) by forcing something into it.

• to fill or line with some kind of material as a padding or packing.

• to fill or cram (oneself, one’s stomach, etc.) with food.

• to fill (meat, vegetables, etc.) with seasoned bread crumbs or other savory matter.

• to fill the preserved skin of (a dead animal) with material, retaining its natural form and appearance for display.

• to put fraudulent votes into (a ballot box).

• to thrust or cram (something) into a receptacle, cavity, or the like.

• to pack tightly in a confined place; crowd together.

• to crowd (a vehicle, room, etc.) with persons.

• to clutter or fill (the mind) with facts, details, etc.

• (in leather manufacturing) to treat (a skin, hide, etc.) with a composition of tallow and other ingredients.

• to stop up or plug; block or choke (usually fol. by up ).

• –verb (used without object)

• to cram oneself with food; eat gluttonously; gorge.


– Reasons to be thankful, take some time to think about it if you can.

– Best Thanksgiving Float / Musical Number ever! ….from 2008

– The Thanksgiving Song, by Adam Sandler:

Adam Sandler Thanksgiving Song from Jeffrey Mullooly on Vimeo.

– Local broadcast news fail:
Local News Team Misses Big Moment – Watch more Funny Videos

– ” I was near your office, so I thought I would just drop in. ”
Man Falls Through Office Ceiling – Watch more Funny Videos

– I wish this soccer ref was a NY Giants fullback!


– The one end zone football game.

The latest from the TSA – Facebook integration (yes, I am kidding)

This just proves it, women get blamed for everything!

Time to let the “flower child of the 60s” act go, now that you are in your 60s!

This explains why that fifth dentist did not choose sugarless gum, he/she wasn’t thinking straight.

A prediction for the next millennium.


– The first department store to hold a Thanksgiving parade was Gimbels in Philadelphia in 1920

– Toilets in space,….explained!

– Speaking of toilets, here is the latest about the toilet paper dropping pilot from NJ :

I just do not know.

– Thanksgiving became a national holiday thanks to Sarah Hale who was an editor at a woman’s magazine called The Godey’s Lady’s Book. She hand-wrote letters to Congress for years to establish this holiday. Sarah Hale 1788-1879

Naked guy in trunk, thanks to Google Street View.

– Franklin Roosevelt moved up the Thanksgiving Holiday one year to stimulate the Christmas shopping economy and it did not work. In 1941 Congress established Thanksgiving as a Federal Holiday always to be on the 4th Thursday in November.

The origin of the high heeled shoe:

– A male turkey is often referred to as a Tom Turkey, supposedly because Ben Franklin was mad that Thomas Jefferson opposed his idea to have the turkey established as our National Bird, that he mockingly called the turkey, “Tom Turkey” after Thomas Jefferson. BTW a male turkey is called a cock, a female is a hen.


I am a consultant in the area of telecommunications.

All I do is focus on cost reduction in the area of data- and tele- communications.

Armed with a set of proprietary tools that are unavailable elsewhere, as well as deep market knowledge, I offer organizations a free audit of all their communications usage via invoices and records. At Schooley Mitchell, we do a deep dive analysis of how an organization really uses their services: line by line, phone by phone, feature by feature, user by user to come up with sound recommendations. My compensation comes only from a share in the savings generated.

We review it all, internet access, wireless/smart phones, local service, long distance, conferencing, toll-free numbers, pc cards, etc. On average I am able to find savings of 25% and often with no change in carriers.

Why would I be invited in, to review complicated expenses?

• Because my services are confidential.
• Because my customized recommendations bring noticeable savings.
• Because only the customer decides which recommendations I will implement.
• Because I am 100% objective and independent. I do not sell or accept commissions from any carrier’s services.
• Because I do not bill for my services until the customer sees savings. There is no cost up front and all compensation is funded from savings.
• Because I continue to monitor monthly usage and invoices – always optimizing savings

If you know any organization other than yours that would like to reduce their communications expenses; I would be pleased to help them as well. I always welcome the chance to do what I do best.

Please feel free anytime reach out to me at 973-295-6319 or at

• OFFICE 973-295-6319
• MOBILE 973-727-1898

Again, please feel free to send me a response with any comments, issues, questions, concerns, news, recommendations, and photos at any time.

Have a great weekend!



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