Experts I know…..Doug Duncan at Your HR Solutions.

– At Schooley Mitchell we say “We Are the Telecom Experts” and that is true. I also know a host of other experts that can help you and your business. I would like you to get to know some of them.

– You say you think OUT OF THE BOX, right? Well maybe you would benefit from some HR — Out of the Box! Get in touch with Doug Duncan at Your HR Solutions. Doug’s company helps organizations hire, train, and retain the right people through an innovative and interactive web based and personal consulting practice. Doug offers a platform for building a successful human resource system. He also offers his own “Your HR 9-1-1″ which is a help desk for companies to receive professional advice and guidance on how to handle a broad spectrum of employee issues. Doug is unique in this space because his approach links the business needs of the organization with practical systems to hire, train and engage employees. The result is an integrated system that is more efficient and effective in reducing turnover and improving overall productivity. Please reach out to Doug at 973-378-8456 or you can visit the website or email Doug at

– I know Doug and a host of other experts. Please reach out to me for advice on the right person to speak to about any service you might need.

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