Sockit2me Newsletter 12-17-2010

This newsletter is intended to share some information and to generate some thoughts and maybe a laugh or a smile. I hope you enjoy. I cover some very top line telecommunications industry information but more fun and more valuable might be the other things noted. If you find no fun or no value, just let me know and I will happily remove your name from the list. No harm, no foul!

I would love to help your organization REDUCE EXPENSES in tele- and data- communications at no risk! Please reach out to me when you can. Information on how to contact me is below.


The 10 big Microsoft and Google battles of 2010.

– The Federal Trade Commission is in the throes of attempting to launch a “Do Not Track” option that would allow consumers to review data collected about them or choose not to be tracked by anyone. Presenting the government has allowed the online advertising community to self regulate, which has spurned questionable results.

A new Android Smartphone from LG

– Most Popular Uses of Mobile Phones July – September 2010 (according to comScore)

Sent text message to another phone 67%
Used browser 35%
Used downloaded apps 33%
Accessed social networking site of blog 23%
Played games 23%
Listened music 15%

– Domestic Browser Marketshares (October 2010)

Microsoft Internet Explorer 61.6%
Mozilla 19.2%
Google Chrome 5.9%
Apple Safari 12.0%
Opera 0.2%
Source: Net Applications, USA Today


– Wish I had said that: ” We should rename cell phones “microphones,” microphones “speakerphones,” and prison conjugal-visit phones “cell phones.”

– What I don’t like about office Christmas parties is looking for a job the next day.” Phyllis Diller (b. 1917) US comedienne

5 No Cost Tactics for Finding Contacts

How to survive the office Christmas Party.

Tips on holiday tipping


– IS YOUR BUSINESS STUCK ON A PLATEAU? Maybe you need help getting to that next level. Well, consider having a conversation with Jennifer LoBianco from 8FoldWorks. 8FoldWorks helps businesses who have reached their growth plateau. This amazing group can help you determine what is really needed to breathe new life into their everyday marketing efforts. Jennifer and team have an arsenal of creative and strategic approaches but the first and most important thing they do is LISTEN to you. Only after understanding from listening and asking questions do they begin to explore how to lead you on the right path. As practiced by Buddhists, the Eightfold Path describes the way to the end of suffering, or even more directly said, a practical guideline to full development, with the goal of freeing the individual from attachments and delusions; and it finally leads to understanding the truth about all things. So, reach out to Jennifer LoBianco if you want help in full development of your marketing goals. You can reach Jennifer at or at 973-380-0070 ext. 102

– ARE ALL YOUR CALLS GETTING ANSWERED? Maybe you could use some very inexpensive help in ensuring your clients and prospects talk to a live person. Consider reaching out to Kathi Moffit at or at 908-647-5801 or at She can help you with a service to address those needs.

– I know Jennifer and Kathi and a host of professionals that can help you. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime when looking for some good advice.


– On this day in 1999, an autograph hunter hands Keith Richards a guitar to sign outside New York’s Russian Tea Room, the Rolling Stone walks off with the instrument. The victim opts not to press charges, reasoning, “It’s Keith, man.” If you read Keith’s recent autobiography entitled “LIFE” this makes perfect sense.


– World’s top annual consumption of pasta, in pounds per capita, according to the International Pasta Organization as reported by USA Today:

• Country Pounds per Capita
o Italy 57
o Venezuela 27
o Tunisia 26
o Greece 23
o Switzerland 21
o U.S. 20
o Sweden 20

To eat less,….imagine eating more! Oh it is that easy!


– I know it is almost Christmas. So here is a variety of Christmas PEZ images


– Horripilate – \ haw-RIP-uh-leyt \ , verb;

To produce a bristling of the hair on the skin from cold, fear, etc.; goose flesh.


– My friends from Grey Sky Films are in the Christmas spirit. Check out how they convince one of the owners a/k/a Scrooge……how to enjoy this time of year!

– Bubba Clinton played the saxophone on Arsenio…so I guess this is up there with that.

– A Holiday Message from the TSA!

– Cool video from the Gabe Dixon Band doing “Till You’re Gone”

Check out my link here to my top 20 Christmas Son Videos.


– This is not strange, it is serious and it is good news!! An HIV patient is cured!

– The state of Georgia gets in the Christmas spirit! I like it !

– Weirdest thing on a Christmas list? How about THIS?

– Does this postman ring once or twice?

– Only the Grinchiest Grinch like this steals a dog along with other holiday gifts.

Chinese metrosexual men.

Da Vinci was digital ! Who knew?

Some might call this a life sentence, others, a light sentence!

Would you like fries with your dead squirrel?

– You can put Humpty Dumpty together again! Okay, this is about putting money back together!

– Vegas, Santa, Strippers, Christmas…nuff said. Check it out here.


– To date, 36 states are modifying their Blue Laws to allow Sunday liquor and alcohol sales as well as moving start times to as early as 6am.

– Reversing a decade old ban in place since September 11, 2001, Amtrak will allow passengers to transport unloaded guns on its trains

– Susan Boyle, the unprepossessing singer who was lofted to stardom by a TV talent contest, has achieved a feat non seen in decades: having two albums top the Billboard charts in the same year in both the U.S. and the U.K. Last time this happened was with the Beatles in 1967 and the Monkees in 1969.

– Below is listed the number of teams in professional sports leagues in 1964 and now:

MLB 20 in 1964, 30 now
NFL 22 in 1964, 32 now
NBA 9 in 1964, 30 now
NHL 6 in 1964, 30 now
Source: USA Today


I am a consultant in the area of telecommunications.

All I do is focus on cost reduction in the area of data- and tele- communications.

Armed with a set of proprietary tools that are unavailable elsewhere, as well as deep market knowledge, I offer organizations a free audit of all their communications usage via invoices and records. At Schooley Mitchell, we do a deep dive analysis of how an organization really uses their services: line by line, phone by phone, feature by feature, user by user to come up with sound recommendations. My compensation comes only from a share in the savings generated.

We review it all, internet access, wireless/smart phones, local service, long distance, conferencing, toll-free numbers, pc cards, etc. On average I am able to find savings of 25% and often with no change in carriers.

Why would I be invited in, to review complicated expenses?

• Because my services are confidential.
• Because my customized recommendations bring noticeable savings.
• Because only the customer decides which recommendations I will implement.
• Because I am 100% objective and independent. I do not sell or accept commissions from any carrier’s services.
• Because I do not bill for my services until the customer sees savings. There is no cost up front and all compensation is funded from savings.
• Because I continue to monitor monthly usage and invoices – always optimizing savings

If you know any organization other than yours that would like to reduce their communications expenses; I would be pleased to help them as well. I always welcome the chance to do what I do best.

Please feel free anytime reach out to me at 973-295-6319 or at

• OFFICE 973-295-6319
• MOBILE 973-727-1898

Again, please feel free to send me a response with any comments, issues, questions, concerns, news, recommendations, and photos at any time.

Have a great weekend!



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