Your new phone is already a dinosaur. Why? It is called ANDROID’s LAW.

I hope that headline did not ruin your day. I feel the need to hear Simon and Garfunkle singing “slow down, you move too fast….” because technology is continuing to advance at exponential rates, some people call it Android’s Law.

Read all about it here.

From the article in at ” NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — If you bought a smartphone within the past year, you might already have noticed that your once-cool super device is feeling outdated. There’s a reason for that: “Android’s law.” Smartphones are continually out dueling one another in terms of performance, and they’re coming to market at a breakneck speed. …… Android’s law has allowed new, previously unknown competitors like ZTE to double its market share and become the fourth-largest mobile phone vendor in the world. It has led to the quadrupling of phone processor speeds over the past year. And it’s helped Google’s mobile operating system go from zero to 300,000 activations a day on more than 100 phones in just 26 months. ”

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