What you should know BEFORE upgrading to the IPHONE 4s.

Apple has recently announced the release of the iPhone 4S. As usual, there has been a great ‘buzz’ in the marketplace. Here is some information that may not be widely known and is important if you already own a phone with a data plan, especially an unlimited data plan.

For the I Phone 4s, for all the carriers, along with all the new features, the cost of the data plans have been updated as well. If you currently own an iPhone and are upgrading to the 4S, your monthly expense for data plan will increase. The grandfathered unlimited data plans that have been in effect for many of you will no longer be offered if you upgrade to the iPhone 4S. Let me repeat : The increase in prices for data plans will occur across all carriers.

The starting price for a data plan on the iPhone 4S is $55.00 for 200MB and $65.00 for 2GB, which is $40.00 higher than it is for a regular iPhone 4. The other drawback to this improved iPhone is that it is only 3G capable. In areas which have a 4G data speed, this phone will still only get 3G.

Other items to be aware of is that the carriers are charging up to $350 for early termination fees AND that the time to return the device without penalty (which has been typically 30 days) has been changed to 14 days.

Many thanks to my colleagues Bill and Sue Wolsky for this information.

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