Today in Music History, February 21

Van Halen with front man David Lee Roth was jumping at the top of the U.S. Charts on this date way back 29 years ago in 1984

Jump was the only single the group released in their career to reach number one on the U.S.

According to another famous rock and roll act, Eddie Van Halen copied the synthesizer part of one of their famous hit songs and used it in JUMP.  Do you know what band and what song?

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4 Responses to Today in Music History, February 21

  1. Dave says:

    Don’t know the answer to the quiz. Please share!

  2. sockit2me says:

    Hi Dave! The answer is that according to Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates, Eddie Van Halen told him that he copied the synth part from ‘Kiss on My List’ and used it in ‘Jump.’ Daryl is quoted as saying ” I don’t have a problem with that at all.”

    • Dave says:

      Interesting. I guess if you listen hard you can sense the two songs as possibly being cousins. Never really noticed that before. I’ll ask Oates next time he asked me to shave his mustachio for him.

  3. sockit2me says:

    Funny you say that Dave. I saw John Oates at the Denver airport about two years ago. He was waiting on line with me to buy something preflight. My buddy and I went up to him and thanked him for the music. He could not have been nicer.

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