About Sockit2me

Sockit2me is me. My name is Ken Toumey and I am one lucky guy.  I LOVE making my clients happy.

I am a specialist who helps organizations to reduce expenses.Ken Toumey capture image for SMTC 2-26-2013

My specialty areas for cost reduction are:

  • Voice and Data Communications Expenses
  • Energy Supply Expenses
  • Credit and Debit Card Processing Cost

Armed with a set of proprietary tools that are unavailable elsewhere, as well as deep market knowledge, I offer a free audit of all invoices and records across these often overlooked expense categories.  Quite often that audit results in a free report that provides recommendations that cut costs by over 33% and often with very little to zero disruption in services or carriers.  If you approve my recommendations, I do all the implementation work.  It is simple, I do all the work you enjoy the savings.

 There is NO cost and NO risk to you.

  • I am not a reseller.
  • I do not sell any equipment or carrier services.
  • My fees are a share of the actual savings you receive.
  • I invoice  only after you receive the actual savings.
  • If I do not find any savings, you owe nothing.

Please feel free anytime reach out to me at 973-295-6319 at kenneth.toumey@gmail.com

I, Sockit2me, remain one lucky guy.

My corporate home page.

My Facebook business fan page.

My LinkedIn Profile

My tweets

Here, one of my colleagues discusses some of what we do:

Here, another of my colleagues outlines the value of our work and how we deliver our value:


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