Your mobile phone could be spying on you!

You might say you feel naked without your ever-reliable, multi-function smartphone. But do you know that just by having your mobile phone in the same room while you get dressed or share intimate moments with your partner, another person halfway across the globe can literally see you naked?

How do you know if your phone is infected with spyware?

Mobile malware works behind the scenes. You may not realize that your phone has already sent considerable damning data to attackers. According to experts, however, there are certain tell-tale signs that you should watch out for.

1. Your phone’s battery drains easily even if you seldom use it.
2. You have difficulty turning off the unit, or it stays lit up even if it’s already supposed to be powered down.
3. The phone lights up even when there are no incoming text messages or calls. If you see the red light flashing twice, it could be an indication that the unit is busy transmitting data to a third party.
4. You can hear strange background noises or clicks while using the phone.

What you can do to protect your smartphone from infection

1. Be wary of downloading ringtones from the Internet as such files can carry mobile malware. The same thing is true when opening emails containing suspicious attachments.
2. Security vendors such as Kaspersky, McAfee, and Symantec offer protection tools against mobile malware.
3. Don’t leave your phone unattended in public places.
4. Use the free and downloadable mobile security tool Lookout to block snoops, back up your mobile data, and/or wipe out clean a stolen phone.
5. For more information on mobile malware prevention, check out this paper by McAfee:

Read much more here!.

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